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Yes, influence on several traditional transit countries like Ukraine

Yes, Russia has another alternative ways of how to transfer gas to Europe. One of them is Turkish Stream. Its an international project of the gas pipeline from Krasnodar Territory of Russia on the bottom of the Black Sea all the way to the Greek-Turkish border. Gazprom intends to transport gas to the south-eastern European countries. In February 2017, the construction of the Turkish Stream began. For now they built around 600km out of 1100km of the gas pipeline.   Another alternative could be Nord Stream-2. Nord Stream-2 is a new export gas pipeline from Russia to Europe via the Baltic Sea. The decision to create the Nord Stream-2 was based on the successful experience in the construction and operation of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The new gas pipeline will directly link Gazprom and European consumers and ensure high reliability of Russian gas supplies to Europe. Cons:There are some disputes on building the Nord Stream-2. From the political aspect, some countries see building an alternative way by Gazprom to European clients as an attempt to get more influence on several traditional transit countries like Ukraine or Poland. From the military aspect, Nord Stream-2 may pose danger to Sweden. As Swedish politician and Minister for Defense Mikael Odenberg said in 2006, this pipeline will give a possibility for Russian navy to increase their presence in economic zone of Sweden . Also, there was a proposal made by the Ministry of Trade of Finland in 2007, that there might be alternative routes for pipeline through Poland or Baltic states. According to it, such alternative might be shorter and potentially easier to improve by, for example, addition of compressing power .Concerning Turkish Stream, there are no strong economical issues that might influence building the pipeline. The only possible factor may be unstable relations between two countries. Work on laying the gas pipeline began in June 2015, but was postponed due to political reasons. In November-December 2015, the project was cancelled because of the shootdown of Russian jet fighter. However, in 2016 the project was restored by both parties. Some experts say that this conflict may do damage to Russian reliability for the European gas buyers and motivate them to seek some alternative energy sources in the future. But it is important to keep in mind that EU receives almost 30% of gas from Gazprom and there are some countries in central and eastern Europe that are totally dependent on Russia’s gas supplies . As this conflict still continues, the chance that it will completely change worldwide situation in energy and gas market increases. For Russia, current situation is way more beneficial than for Ukraine. As an example, Gazprom signed an agreement with China to supply 38 billion cubic meters per year, and in a few years the new pipeline will be launched . It is considered to be one of the biggest energy deal in todays world. Also, building and improving Turkish Stream and Nord Stream-2 will lead to better relations between countries that are involved. When it comes to Ukraine, the effect of this so called gas war is horrible. The country had suffered great losses due to cancellation of agreements with Gazprom and they will be even bigger after the cooperation will be fully cancelled. 


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