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We all have dreams. Be it travelling the world, winning an Oscar, designing the ultimate formula one car, or even launching the perfect startup. But these dreams, are they really your own?

–          From the moment we’re born, we’re groomed to fit the requirements and specifications of society

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o   Kind of like a dog show

§  10 points for a university in the global top 100, 15 points for getting into a fortune 500 company straight out of college, 25 points for a starting salary of 100,000 USD, and 35 points for a salary of 300,000 USD within 12 years in the workforce

§  Oh did I mention that you’re disqualified if the career isn’t a white-collared job

·         Which in case you don’t know is the clerical jobs, jobs where you’re pretty much just sitting there doing the same repetitive and menial work day in day out. Does that sound like a job that lets you live your dream? no. no it isn’t

–          The limit in this era has gone from being the sky, to the air-conditioned roof

–          Children are pressured to befriend smart classmates, they are pushed to stay close to only the “good influences”, all for the sake of their futures

o   But no, hanging out with the nerds and geeks will not give you the exposure you need to survive in the real world, especially not in the cut-throat world of white-collared jobs.

–          And that’s where the bar is set,  right above the cubicle by the window on the 21st floor

o   But hey, at least you have a nice view, or a window to jump out of when you’ve had enough of this society.

o   And that ladies and gentlemen is why you should always take a parachute with you to work (did you know that there are specially made parachutes for “escaping” from high-rise buildings.)

–          “the chances of success are too low in that field”, “a job like that holds no future”, how many of you have heard those before

o   So many jobs are undermined and looked down upon by the majority of society because they don’t think that it’s stable enough, like freelancing.

§  But there is a HUGE rise in part time and freelance jobs with the emerging working class (the 23-26 year olds who’ve only recently started getting into the work place)

§  although the older generation still looks down at the jobs

§   There is a steadily growing market for part time jobs where you can work at your own pace and even from your own home for some.

–          Even though we’re in an era where the arts are receiving so much more recognition, you can still hear people say, “but it’s not a career”

o   This hinders the creative abilities of children, it prevents them from thinking outside the box, and it keeps them from broadening their range when considering careers. This cuts of a lot of career paths for these children later on in their lives.

o   Some people are musical prodigies but never take it up as a profession, because “it’s for the university resume, not for the course itself”

–          Now, I’m not saying that you go join the circus because your dream is to travel the world. What I’m saying here is that you don’t let go of your dreams, keep them with you even if it’s only a piece of the original dream.

–          “You can’t repair your shattered dreams” because that’s just not how it works. Ou don’t repair them, you piece them together, and fill in the gaps with something different. So your outcome, the new dream is something similar yet completely different. You only learn more and realize that your dream can’t happen in real life, and change it in a way that it goes from being a fantasy to possibly becoming your very own reality.

–          Laugh all you want but my childhood dream was to be a professional dog-walker. This was probably because of how adamant my parents were that I couldn’t have a dog. Note for the future: even 6 year olds can be rebels.

o   Its not like rich old men walk their own dogs at dog shows

o   Being a dog-walker took me to being a vet, which made me consider being a doctor, which in lead me to biochemistry and pharma, which is how my future seems to be playing out so far. I let my dream evolve, no matter how different the starting and ending points seem to be.

–          Especially because we’re in a “dream-deprived” society, your dreams really matter

o   People fought for same sex marriages and abortion rights in times when you couldn’t even talk about them in public. The Whitehouse was lit up in rainbow colors, before trump of course. And 2/3rds of the world’s women live in countries where they can request for abortion with sufficient reasoning.

o   People stuck with their dreams no matter how ridiculous, like the people with the conspiracy theories the JK Rowling is just a front for  group of geniuses, because no human can write 7 best-selling novels. Yes, there are people like that.

o   Don Featherstone invented the pink plastic flamingo. That was his dream, and it was how he went down in history.

o   Your dreams matter, no matter how outrageous or plain ridiculous they may initially seem, because one person’s dream can lead to another’s and together you can create change. And even if you’re alone there are more than enough examples out there where people on their own have created change.

§  As Harry Baker once said, Even when the situation’s dire, it is only ever people who are able to inspire, and on paper, it’s hard to see how we all cope, but in the bottom of Pandora’s box there’s still hope” ß Make own quote???

–          The world we live in is what it is because of people’s dreams, people who made sure they won their wars, no matter how many battles they lost

o   Like Abraham Lincoln and how he fought against slavery

o   Like the inventor of the pet rock (that idea made him millions)

–          People may laugh at your dreams, but then again, it won’t kill you will it?

o   People laughed at the idea of a woman loving another woman and yet we live in a world where in some countries it’s possible! It may not be perfect yet but we’ll get there. Just like you too will get there. You will reach that dream if you try hard enough.

§  An Australian politician proposed to his long-term partner during a debate in the country’s House of Representatives on a bill that is expected to legalize same-sex marriage. à (it was beautiful)

–          We live in an era where:

o   Refugees are called migrants because it sounds better when we deport them

o   Those that are poor are “so willingly” (according to the free market description)

o   Social stress is increasing suicide rates all over the world

o   And you’re letting a society like that dictate your dreams

–          Your dream doesn’t end where it is crushed, it just needs to be pieced together in a different way, regardless of whether society accepts it or not. (pic 1 à bless the Japanese for giving us these masterpieces)

–          And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you dream


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