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The  given  play  ‘The Essay’ by  Hanna  Moskovitch  is  based  on  conversation  among  the  three  characters,  Jeffery,  Pixie  and  Professor  Galbraith,  who  are   not    fully  formed  characters.  Instead,  the  conversations  among  the  three  work  more  as  ideas  personified.  Their   conversation   reflects  more  of  what  is  being  thought  and  doesn’t  reflect  much  the  kind  of  characters  they  have  been  sketched  as.  So,  for  the  matter  of  study,  we  would  take  the  ideas  that  they  represent  into  consideration.  An  idea  is  more  of  the  essence  of  the  intelligible  world  which  is  represented  by  forms  rather  than  the  essence  of  a  sensible  world.  It  is  the  specific  reason  behind  the  reality  of  inquiry,   actions  and  events  that  occur.  The  concept  of  representing  character-as-idea  is  defined  by  two  aspects,  first   is  a  pure  concept  itself,  second  aspect  is  to  convert  the  concept  in  actual  form  to  be  represented.  The  play  in  question  represents  ideas  through  personification,  transformed  into  characters  to  convey  three  different  concept  knit  in  one  play.  The  character  of  Pixie  represents  an  amateur  open  minded  student  that  does  not  go  by  stereotypical  studies  and   derives  a  strong  point  of  observation  from  one  of  the  footnotes  in  a  book.  She  represents  the  idea  of  a  probability  that  might  have  gone  unnoticed  or  unrecorded  in  pages  of  history.  Jeffery,  on  the  other  hand  is  the  protagonist  who  brings  feminism  into  picture  and   issues  related  to  unbiased  examination  of  disputed  stand  of  a  female  from  history  as  a  military  leader.  On  one  hand  he  represents  unbiased  examination,  and  on   the  other  he  also  tries  to  clarify  Pixie’s  stand  as  a  person,   and  not   just  for  being  a  woman.  Professor  Galbraith  is  the  third  idea  personified  that  brings  into   picture  the  concept  of  sexism  and  rightful  dominance  of  male  over  female  through  history  into  the  present  situation  related  to  Pixie.Putting  this  play  on  through  Character-as-idea  concept  will  definitely  work  and  convey  the  intentions  of  taking  the  idea  to  masses  as  the  characters  in  the  play  are  not  fully  formed  which  does not  give  much  scope  for  speculation  regarding  character  analysis.   Instead,  what  is  stressed  in   the  play  is  the  constant  argumentation  of   Jeffery  with  Pixie  or  with  professor  Galbraith,   which  highlights  the  concepts  the  writer  is  trying  to  reach  with  the   masses.  The  play  starts  with  Jeffery  pointing  out  that  Pixie  has  come  with  the  essay  proposal  that  he  has  already  rejected  which  shifts  the  attention  directly  from  the  characters  to   the  essay  which  is  the  subject  of  contention  between  the  two.  It  then  shifts  to  the  topic  chosen  which  Jeffery  thinks  is  a  Feminist  choice-an   idea  inscribed  again  through  the  character.  On  the  other  hand,  Pixie  contends  she  finds  Elizabeth  Farnese  fit  as  a  war  leader  irrespective  of  her  gender  and  that  the  purpose  of  choosing  her  is  not  at  all  feminist-an  approach  towards  equity .  She  represents  confusion  regarding  role of  women  in  history  as  well  as  to  some  extent   the  present  scenario.  The  scene  where  Pixie  says,  “You-wait-you  think  I  picked  her  because  she’s  a  girl?  You  think  I  picked  Elizabeth  Farnese  because  she  is  a  girl.”  and  then  the  statement  “Fine.  Fine.  I’m  a  feminist”  shows  she  was  not  much  convinced  but  gave  in  to  Jeffery’s  constant  imposition  because  she  was  not  sure  enough  of  her  stand  on  the  issue.


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