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The chose to address are Data Mining, Cyber Bullying

The Effect of Data Mining, Cyber Bullying and Revenge Porn  through Social Media Use

The whole world has been infected by social media in some sort of way whether they choose to believe it or not. The three huge impacts I will be addressing in this essay have  countless negative effects on social media and change the way people view social media. The three I chose to address are Data Mining, Cyber Bullying and Revenge Porn. No matter if you have had direct experience to these three things or not I am sure it has affected you or someone you know in some way. As almost all social media platforms come with negative consequences that can affect anyone that uses the site. I strongly believe that social media has a variety of positive and negative effects but is it worth all the pain, grief and regret that follows?

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The first major effect on society is of course social media and data mining. This has had an effect on everyone in someway, either positively or negatively. Social media has undoubtedly improved our lives in a positive way but it has also effected us in not so positive ways. There are countless facts and statistics to back this statement. Technology actually caused so many of us to rely on technology and become lazy. Which then leads to us relying on technology to do the things that we should be doing ourselves and the things we know how to do ourselves. Data mining of information in relation to peoples’ behaviour on the internet and their social media accounts has raised many privacy concerns and discussions about ethics.  Should business be able to monitor and track patterns and behaviours of people so that they can learn about your preferences and try to anticipate or market things to you unknowingly.  Did you know that there are over 3 billion active internet users and 2.1 billion active people have social media accounts. Also 3.65 billion people have a portable way to access the internet and social media by either a phone or tablet. In 2012, a survey was done that showed that 53% of the people surveyed said that social media changed their behaviour and of those, 51% said that the change in behaviour was negative. Also a lot of the people that were surveyed said they had difficulty relaxing and sleeping after they had used these social media sites.  Fifty-five percent of them were worried/ uncomfortable when they weren’t able to log on to their accounts. So its fair to state that social media has and will continue to take over and cause most of the population to become distracted and more anti-social when with other people.

The next effect is cyber bullying which made bullying a lot easier and gives bullies a way to do this behind a screen. Thus, causing the bullying rates to go up a significant amount due to the new found technology.  It makes it a lot easier to get bullied because anyone with technology can do it and in some cases they can do it anonymously or make a fake account.  This has resulted in increased rates of depression, insecurity and even suicide in some cases. There has been many attempts to stop this from continuing further by some social media blocking negative comments along with encouraging others to report any negative comments they see. This has helped but hasn’t eradicated the problem completely with many teens still getting harassed on social media. Some social media sites are even worse and have anonymous comments or messages that make it so much easier for the bullies and also influence others that are seeing this that it is okay for them to do the same. Twenty five percent of teens reported that they’ve experienced repeated bullying through their social media. Another 52% have reported being cyber bullied and 11% report that photos were taken of them without their consent or knowledge and are seen as embarrassing or damaging. Also one fact that is both astonishing and disturbing is that 95% of teens have seen cyber bullying happening on social media and have ignored it. That is terrible to hear and most definitely will not lead to any positive change but instead will undoubtedly lead to continued cases of depression, insecurity along with suicidal thoughts. 

The final effect I will be addressing is revenge porn. This is a huge problem amongst social media users especially in high school. This can start as early as 11 years old with multiple cases reported by kids. This problem mainly occurs with girls around this age after they break up with their significant other.  The significant other then uses revenge porn in the form of revealing photos or videos that show nudity, intercourse or or other sexual or private materials in an attempt to get “revenge” on them by posting it to social media or sending it to others.  This is a massive problem that has had countless cases where this has happened to people. This problem is very common and people complain when this type of thing happens.  One way to try to prevent this from happening in the first place is to not take and share these types of revealing  photos in the first place. Its safer to avoid the problem as much as you can from the start. This is a major crime and when the law was enacted there was a total of about 1000 cases reported in the first year alone. This is a very serious offence and if you are charged and convicted for this crime you will be punished with a jail sentence that can vary depending on the situations of the case and age of the victim. Over 1,160 cases were reported in just 9 months from April 2015 to December 2015, in that study there were three victims that were just 11 years of age and with the study revealing that 30% of the victims involved were under the age of 19. The most shocking part is that around 61% of these cases resulted in no justice and action towards the perpetrators. The most widely used social media for these cases were Facebook which was used in 68% of the crimes, followed by Instagram for 12% of the cases and lastly Snapchat that was used for 5% of the cases that were reported. This is still an ongoing issue to this day and must be stopped.

In conclusion, Data Mining, Cyber Bullying and Revenge Porn on Social Media are very serious negative effects associated with the wide spread use of social media. With the tremendous growth of social media it is likely that everyone has been affected by one of these negative impacts either personally or know someone who has been a victim. Nowadays in this generation there is no way that any of us could completely avoid social media. Also, most of us will be involved with one of these three issues in someway or will know of people that have been involved. There is social media used everywhere we go including school, businesses, the workplace, government agencies and shopping centres and online stores. Social media has had many positive effects that have definitely improved the way we do things, such as connecting people quicker and faster than ever before and has allowed us to access and find information and  to get work done a lot quicker. While there have been many great positives there are also many negatives effects that have resulted from the use of social media and that have impacted many people dramatically. Of these, data mining, cyber bullying and revenge porn have had a traumatic effect on our society. The three impacts I addressed above have caused depression and suicide in many cases due to other users using social media for evil. Now I will let you let you be the judge if you think all the negatives are worth it especially since many teens have become depressed, extremely embarrassed or taken their own lives due to social media. 


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