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Into climbing when he was young and from then

Into the Wild argument essayInto the Wild written by Jon Krakauer illustrates the life and death of Christopher McCandless, and his search for the true meaning in life. McCandless’ family was well-off and he graduated from Emory University with honors. Everything in McCandless’ life came easy, and because of this he wished to find what it meant to work for something. Through his perilous journey across the United States, McCandless found a way to inspire others everywhere he went. His independent and carefree mindset inspired other adventure seekers. Because McCandless desired to push the status-quo, he trades material wealth in order to find the richness in life.Jon Krakauer found Christopher McCandless’ story while he was a writer for Outside magazine. He found McCandless’ story perplexing, and wished to find the motives behind McCandless’ adventure. Ultimately what inspired this intrigue in McCandless’s life was Krakauer’s passion for thrill in the wild. Krakauer began mountain climbing when he was young and from then on his love for the wilderness only grew. This passion for nature caused him to climb the Alaskan mountains. Jon Krakauer states in Into the wild, “I got away with it, Chris didn’t. That’s the only difference”. Because of the similarities in their lives, Krakauer felt Chris McCandless’ story of life and death could inspire others, whether they had an adventurous spirit or not. McCandless’ desire to challenge himself to find what happiness truly is to him made him a hero.Some may disagree, but Christopher McCandless was not a fool who fell to his demise through carelessness. Chris McCandless was very intelligent based on the fact that he graduated from Emory University. McCandless also shaped his journey around Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau is well-known for his love of nature and hatred of superficial lives and this caused him to want to move into the wilderness. McCandless shared Thoreau’s outlook on life. McCandless never asked for help. McCandless declined assistance from anyone he encountered, because he was determined to succeed on his own. Although, the people he met on his journey had good intentions, McCandless refused to allow them to use their own money to care for him. If in need of money, McCandless found a job. If in need of food, McCandless found something to eat on his own. Selfish men are greedy, however, Chris McCandless embodied love, and compassion and for that he cannot be seen as self-centered. ¬†Although McCandless was often reserved, he always shared his plans with other nomads and anyone who was willing to listen. His captivating personality drew people towards him. McCandless’ story caused people to follow their own dreams.Freedom is not given, but is innate for every human being and everyone seeks it. Because we are free, we must respect the freedom of others. In America, if one wants to become an astronaut, there are no laws against it. If another wants to pursue a career in acting, there are no laws against it. If Chris McCandless wants to explore the Alaskan wilderness, there are no laws against it. Christopher McCandless, like many adults, simply used his rights and pursued happiness. Because McCandless did something that many fear, does not make him selfish, but instead makes him determined. Christopher McCandless was fearless. He did the unexpected, and his actions made him a hero. McCandless’ life encouraged many people, because he did what made him happy.Some may argue that Christopher McCandless’ story was not inspiring. Many believe McCandless was selfish, because he abandoned his family to embark on a self-serving journey. But, his family was not as great as they seemed. McCandless’ father was often not there and led an alternate life outside of his family, which drove McCandless to believe that his life had been one big lie. In retaliation to the deception he felt, McCandless went to find truth. He could have been seen as holding a grudge, but not as selfish. Still, opposing views may argue that, since society relies on people, Chris McCandless’ choice to leave behind society was self-centered. But, society forces it’s own definition of success upon everyone, which McCandless resented. Many believe you need to get a proper education, a good job with good pay, and a family to be successful in life, but not everyone want to live in a house with a white picket fence. Chris McCandless sought to find his own means of success and in doing that, he showed that his sense of morality was stronger than societal norms.Before he left to live in the wild, McCandless had always been successful in school. Christopher McCandless strived in high school, and then attended Emory University. McCandless was also an advocate for the less fortunate. He often traded his Friday nights to feeding the hungry and donated all his money to charity before he left on his journey. After paying his dues to society, Chris takes on an adventure to find his own self worth. Society is displeased with this decision, because they feel he wasted his talent. Many believe McCandless could have used his intelligence to better the world, instead of embarking on a ridiculous journey. But, society cannot see beyond it’s own views and is therefore infinitely stuck in it’s ways. McCandless successfully escaped this, so in reality society should be seen as the fool, not Chris McCandless.Abraham Lincoln once said, “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” If Neil Armstrong was denied admission into NASA, he would not have walked on the moon. If Walt Disney was denied the freedom to animate, Mickey Mouse would not exist. If Chris McCandless is admonished for taking advantage of his freedom, everyone should be. Chris McCandless did not endanger any lives on his experience. Chris McCandless did not take from others. Chris McCandless did not stop anyone from pursuing their own happiness, so his actions were very much unselfish. His yearning for a simple life in the wilderness was strange and different, but still inspiring. McCandless was intelligent, and beyond that he was extremely caring and generous. Chris McCandless should not be seen as a fool, but rather someone who believed in the pursuit of happiness for all. ¬† ¬†


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