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Feminism the goal we need to be achieving. For

                                  Feminism And Extremism In Achieving The Goal

Often on our way to
achieving lofty goals we err in a way to achieve this goal. Because of our Misunderstanding
of the basic purpose of the goal we need to be achieving. For example, feminism
And how it lofty goal switch to conflict with mans although the feminism its
way to equal society and To preserving of the society and stability society
Which has not been achieved because of the wrong Way to achieve the goal and
also extremism in achieving the goal .that what I will argue in my essay

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At first, I try to
define the feminist movements and feminism goal, Feminism is a range of
political Movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal
to define, establish and Achieve political, economic, personal, and social
equality of sexes. This includes seeking to establish Aducational and
professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men.

With the rise of
women’s movements in the world and the emergence of their activities, questions
arise In the minds of the masses about what these movements and ideas are based
on,”” and the meaning of The claims they make. Feminism is perhaps one of the
movements that need clarification and interpretation because it is often
misunderstood”’ (Offen, 1988).

On another side men
tryed to face with woman and we can see that in artical to author Alex Brook
Lynn when she explin Men’s Rights Movement she say ””’The origins of the
Men’s Rights Movement Are murky. If you go back you can find mentions of groups
like the League for Men’s Rights in late 19th-century London (it advocated
against the “encroachment of women”) and Der Bund für Männerrechte, or the
Federation for Men’s Rights, which formed in Vienna in 1926 and focused on
Divorce and paternity rights but also “fighting all the monstrosities that have
come from the Emancipation of woman.The modern versions of Der Bund für
Männerrechte formed as a backlash to Second-wave feminism and the burn-your-bra
career gals of the 1970s it inspired. The most notable Organization of the era
was the National Coalition for Men, which still exists today and seeks to
“promote awareness of how gender-based expectations limit men legally,
socially, and Psychologically.” The idea that men are oppressed by society was
later championed by Warren Farrell, Whose 1993 book The Myth of Male Power
inspired Elam and many other current-day men’s rights Activists (MRAs) ”””””.(A,
Brook Lynn. Aug 4- 2014).

How Men’s Rights
Activists Get Feminism Wrong in this view In The War Between Feminists And
Men’s Rights Activists, Everyone Loses the authour Jamie Ballard sayes in this
point ””You’re probably familiar with the word “misogyny,” meaning hatred or
dislike of women. It’s a pervasive part of our cultural lexicon, usually used
to describe a man who has acted against a woman in some way — be it
cat-calling, sexual assault or anything in between.But, what about the flip
side — the women who hate and act against men? That’s called misandry and while
it hasn’t been as prevalent in the past, the word seems to be popping up more
and more as the war between feminists and men’s rights activists builds”””'(
J, Ballard ,Aug 19 2014).

“Are you female?
Do you hate men? Are you always upset about society, customs and perhaps
religions? So you must want to join feminism … “This is often the most
common idea of women’s movement, as women who take all their rights but still
resent everything, for a little reason, but the fanaticism of the female
element exclusively. But is this true? Or are we going with the current just
because we are too weak to face it? The feminist movement has not always been
the same, and historically it has been divided into three waves: The first
wave, which appeared in the 19th century in the United Kingdom, and the United
States of America mainly, and continued until the beginning of the twentieth
century, was characterized in some periods as radical and natural in light of
the arbitrariness faced by the female at the time, and was focused at that
stage on The right of women to vote, and the elimination of the domination or
“possession” of the husband for his wife and children. The movement
achieved during this wave in Britain is the acquisition of women owners of
homes and those over the age of thirty years the right to vote in 1918, and
expanded this right in 1928 to include all women Who are over age Twenty
wherever decides to hold a referendum. In the United States, women won the
right to vote in 1919. As this wave became political in the first place, with
the development of women’s goals for more aspects of politics, this wave ended,
women’s aspirations expanded, and their methods and ideas became more civilized
and rational in the 20th century, and with it the second wave in the history of
the movement began, which lasted from the early sixties until the end of the
1980s Of the same century. This wave has taken on a more urbanized and less
radical form than its predecessor, but more racist as directed exclusively at
white women. It also focused on different aspects of life in addition to the
political aspect. Social, economic and political. ”’As for the beginning of
the nineties, the third wave of feminism, which opposed the second wave in some
of its tracks,especially the ethnic ones, emerged as the feminists of the
second wave. The third wave took into consideration the racial discrimination.
The black-skinned feminists appeared to demand fair equality and call for their
rights. Which was expressed by this wave well ((The Reader’s Companion to
American History. Eric Foner and John A. Garraty, Editors.1991))

 by adding to the demands of waves first and
second demands more modern and expansion and in all directions, such as the
right of abortion and full equality of rights and duties, and the right of
women to complete independence and freedom, Yeh and political right to hold
senior positions in the state, hence it should be noted that this wave is still
continuing in the present age, although some believe the existence of a fourth
wave of more advanced and ambitious in developed countries. Women’s waves show
that our need for feminism in our time differs from the need for feminism in
previous times, but we still need it in the face of the modern challenges that
arise every day in confronting the female towards independence, excellence and
free choice. Women stand today in the face of issues that we have not been able
to get rid of yet, the most important of which is female genital mutilation and
reduction, and prevent them from achieving their ambitions and goals, and
beating, and physically and psychologically abusive, and the marriage of
minors, and deprive the female of the choice of the husband and prostrate
sexually through advertisements and serials and means of communication, In some
countries to wear the hijab or niqab and in some others to prevent them from
wearing them, harassment and physical and verbal rape, which also overtook the
streets and became a place in the virtual world alike, in addition to all
legislation and laws unjust to women, The feminism today advocates blacks,
whites, homosexuals, people with special needs, and even the environment and
other global human issues in general. . It is nice to say that feminism
includes male elements as well. There are many women men who, in turn, are
marginalized and ridiculed if they stand up to the rights of women, which are
labeled as non-men and the like. Women’s men are also part of the community system
And repression, so it is also a witness to what the female suffers. But yes,
most women are women, of course, because the female is first and finally the
biggest loser. As for feminism, it is completely contrary to the truth.
Feminists hate racists and masculine’s of both sexes, hate the enemies of
equality and women’s rights of any sex, and stand against them all. Feminism is
an organized movement that does not hate a particular gender or fanaticism. It
stands in the face of injustice, racism, repression, and supremacy wherever it
is resolved and from anyone issued. It is a natural product of all that the
female has suffered through the ages of marginalization, domination,
enslavement, and sadism

Oppressed and Oppressors? The Systematic Mistreatment
of Men. Author Caroline New  argued””’
a structural definition of oppression as systematic mistreatment. Using the
work of Connell and other theorists, author discussed the implications of the
proposed definition for the oppression of women and suggest that men, too, are
systematically mistreated and therefore oppressed in modern societies. This
structural concept of men’s oppression is compared with the idea developed in
the men’s movement of the 1970s that men are oppressed by sex roles, and with
more recent discourses of masculinity. I argue that men may have conflicting
interests in relation to the gender order. While men are frequently the agents
of the oppression of women, and in many senses benefit from it, their interests
in the gender order are not pregiven but constructed by and within it. Since in
many ways men’s human needs and capacities are not met within the gender orders
of modern societies, they also have a latent `emancipatory interest’ in their
transformation””” (Caroline New ,Bath Spa University,Jan 8th 2001 Sociology
volume 35 issue 3 pp 729-748 DOI: 10.1177/S0038038501000372).


In My Opinion, this
conflict resulted in the emergence of other side means( Men’s rights movement
)facing and defending men’s it push to increase community conflict, The
situation became like a cold war it appeared clearly in the social media and
movies and songs that call against men Ex, Dua Lipa( new rules ),  Dolls (i don’t need a man) ….Etc. The basic
purpose of feminism is community stability this is achieved by not being biased
towards sex on another It could be a man who is hugely caller for Women’s
rights A woman could be the biggest violator of women’s rights The man for the
woman is husband, son, and father, not an enemy, the woman is wife, mother, and
daughter, and not the enemy, but the real enemy is who makes and push the
hatred between pillars society.

The below messages are
pretty amazing coming from the (male) president of the United States  Barack Obama he says: ””’We need to keep
changing the attitude that raises our girls to be demure and our boys to be
assertive, that criticizes our daughters for speaking out and our sons for
shedding a tear. We need to keep changing the attitude that punishes women for
their sexuality and rewards men for theirs.We need to keep changing the
attitude that permits the routine harassment of women, whether they’re walking
down the street or daring to go online. We need to keep changing the attitude
that teaches men to feel threatened by the presence and success of
women.””'(according with B, OBAMA AUGUST 4, 2016 )



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