Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Dear others. I am extremely proud of his efforts

Dear Admissions Committee,

As his Vice Principal and school counselor, I have
witnessed Aryamaan grow and mature over the years. Not only is he an excellent
and hard-working student, but he has dedicated himself to enriching the lives
of students, faculty and the community around him. Aryamaan is truly special
for his compassion and commitment to helping others. 

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I am extremely proud of his efforts to stimulate
the joy of giving back to society and appreciative of his initiative to open a
charity organization ” Toy Joy “. He has further encouraged other teenagers in
6 different cities to follow him in his unique quest of helping the less
fortunate in our community. For the past 18 months, they have been doing a commendable
job of collecting and distributing toys, clothes, books etc on a very large
scale. Whenever we hold an event related to social service and welfare of the
underprivileged, Aryamaan always steps forward and assumes duty. A notable
example can be of our Annual Diwali Night held last year, when he gave toys to
over 250 children of our evening school who come from financially weaker

Aryamaan has been an integral part of the student council
of the school. He was amongst the first students of our school to go on an exchange
program to Quinglai International School, Kunming, China. His versatility can
be seen from the fact that he  has represented
his house in various intra school competitions, ranging from cricket, swimming,
debate, etc. and performed exceptionally well. He has also been the school
representative for various inter school meets. Aryamaan has also taken the
initiative of forming the TED- ed club in our school and has encouraged other
students to participate in public speaking and convey their ideas. Presently,
Aryamaan is an editor of the school magazine ” The Jacobean “, which is
circulated among the 2500 students and faculty of our school. Quite recently, he
was the only student to be selected to judge an elocution contest for the
junior boys.

Aryamaan is not a student who only indulges
in co-curricular activities, but he has also proved himself in the academic
front. His scholarly accomplishments have been especially impressive throughout
his schooling life, and he has always received prizes and has ranked in the top
three of his class over the years. His Class 10 ICSE Board examination’s score
of 96.8% clearly depicts the result of the hard work which he puts into his
studies. This year he was chosen as the recipient of the Dr. Radhakrishnan
Award for The Best Pupil Teacher, a very prestigious award given to the best
student in the role of a teacher, for teaching his juniors.

Aryamaan’s teachers describe him as an
insightful, versatile, sensitive, perceptive, and diligent student. He is
intelligent, full of compassion and a strong person who has a clear sense of
direction and purpose. I am confident that attending summer school at Yale will
be a very good experience for him.  Exposure to newer teaching methods and people
from all over the world will certainly help develop him, both, as a student and
as a person. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.


School Counselor



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