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Dear acne all around my face. I would always

Dear Dr. Cynthia Colon,I am also very glad Mr. Mankuta was able to connect us.Here is my story- At the very beginning of high school at Milken, when I was about 14 years old, I started developing small red bumps and whiteheads. Over the months after that, however, I started to develop very large and pressurized nodular acne all around my face. I would always have at least one cyst on my nose in the same specific location. To say the least, my acne certainly made its presence felt. It was what I thought of when I woke up and when I went to bed. On top of that, my peers would constantly inundate me with questions about why I did not wash my face. I was in the process of transitioning into becoming a young man and this was not at all good for my self-esteem. I tended to focus on the negative comments and I began to despise the way I looked. I constantly wondered what I did to deserve this hardship. Contrary to what many of my peers thought, I was actually trying almost nearly every cleanser and exfoliator on the market. I saw a countless number of dermatologists that year, but nothing they prescribed seemed to work for my genetic acne. One day, I decided to do my own research and I learned that diet could very well be a cause. I became very wary of what I was putting into my body. I removed all processed foods and milk from my diet. Instead, I began drinking a lot of water and eating more vegetables. I also developed my very own skin care routine throughout this process. Since then, I am so happy to say that I cleared up most of my acne. To me, my face could not look any better, especially if you look back at where I came from. Nonetheless, if I had the choice to go back and take all my acne away, I would not do it. It has built such an empathy and care towards other people in, not only the same situation I was in, but those also experiencing other hardships. The acne I had has become something I am really grateful for. I know the emotional stress caused by skin issues as I have dealt with the problems first hand. I am adamant about pursuing a career in the field of skincare so that I may help those going through the same emotional stress I had to deal with. Additionally, I have become so intrigued by the overall process and working with skin has become something I honestly love to do. All in all, I am looking to become a dermatologist.I really look forward to furthering correspondence.All the best,Aitan Stuppel 


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